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year 38, day 1: musings

So, I've made it to 38. What the hell am I doing?

Yesterday: Paisley (aka pdog) was barred from the bedroom because she's obnoxious on the bed. Went to Target to buy more clothes hangers and misc. stuff. Woke up at 6am this morning because last week it was 7am (circadian rhythm hasn't reset). Works out ok since I have to be at work 30 min earlier now.

Basics: Mom got re-married over the weekend. Car is reliable, but I'm going to trade it in for a 4x4 pickup eventually. 2 cats and 1 dog. Front and back yards of the house are torn up due to my landscaping. House is a bit messy and empty. I've lost 20 lbs since August. Generally healthy and getting healthier. Work is going very well - 'exceeding expecations' and it's not stressful. Financially stable. Single, lonely and mourning the loss of a good thing. House is worth half what I paid for it 3 years ago.

Long term, going with the flow. House needs repairs and maintenance. Job has potential, but pay is low. Time may solve that problem. I want to travel. Go sailing and/or get a sailboat. Go flying and possibly get a pilot's license. Might fix up and rent out the house and move someday.

Goals: Going to learn snowboarding this winter with my season pass. Dropping my BMI to a healthy level. Cleaning the garage. Planting lawn in the backyard. Finally installing moulding in the living room. Repairing/replacing the gutters and caulking external cracks.

Future predictions:
2013 (40): Living in Vallejo. Possibly have taught pdog to walk on a leash.
2018 (45): House no longer underwater.
2023 (50): Buy first flying car.
2028 (55): ?
2034 (61): ?
2048 (75): ?
2049 (76): Consider retirement
2058 (85): Move to moon.
2068 (95): yelling "you kids git off my lawn!" on moon.
2092 (120): consiousness transferred into data-stream.
2093 (121-200): smart-mouthed ship computer constantly giving crew shit.

38 and still not acting my age. Grey in the goate and in the sideburns though.

Plans for today:
Dinner with Amber
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